Quarterly Specials!

   Each quarter we will have a special deal just for our wonderful clients.

Quarter 3

Spay/Neuter Program!

Yes we are continuing this special!
So Many people have liked this we are trying one more quarter.

We know there are many options for pet care in Midland and we work hard to make the service at River Rock Animal Hospital affordable. Not only have we lowered prices on our spay/neuter packages but we are offering incentives to those clients who complete the recommended vaccinations and testing on their pet. We want to reward our clients for taking great care of their pets.

The program is simple. Just bring your puppy or kitten in for their vaccines and receive 5 Paw Points. When you come in for their boosters you get another 5 Paw Points. These points are like money. For every Paw Point you bring in you get a dollar OFF of your pet’s spay or neuter! You must bring in the paw points on the day of their surgery.

There’s more!

These Services will also earn you Paw Points:

  • Each dose of heartworm or Flea/Tick prevention earns 1 Paw Point
  • Feline FeLV/FIV/HW Test or Canine Heartworm Test earns 5 Paw Points
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening (fecal evaluation) earns 5 Paw Points
  • Microchipping your pet earns 10 Paw Points

Just remember to bring in all of your Paw Points when your pet comes in for their spay or neuter surgery and you’ll be saving big!







All Paw Points are good for 1 year.

This program is for puppies and kittens only.