Amelia on chartsWhen Amelia’s family was no longer able to care for her, she found herself here at River Rock Animal Hospital. Over the next week, she worked hard to win over her new co-workers’ hearts. It didn’t take long for Amelia to realize that she’d found her forever home!

Amelia grew up outdoors here in Midland, where she enjoyed pouncing on her siblings and attacking unsuspecting mice. Now, she serves as a crucial member of the River Rock Animal Hospital team—Amelia welcomes each and every pet that comes to the clinic, as well as their human family members. She likes to consider herself in charge of the hospital’s social side!

In her free time, Amelia enjoys being petted and getting fed by her loving co-workers. She’s also fond of watching her squirrel friend—Scooter—bury nuts in the outdoor flower pots.

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