Dr. Laine L Schad

Dr. Laine L Schad

dr. schad 3In the fourth grade, Dr. Laine Schad was assigned a project in which she was to research and present the details of a career that interested her. When she began searching for a career path that included her passions for math, science, and animals, the choice was obvious—veterinary medicine fit the bill perfectly. Dr. Schad decided to dedicate her life to animal care by becoming a licensed veterinarian!

Dr. Schad grew up in the corn fields of rural Illinois, and attended Purdue University for her undergraduate degree in animal science before earning her veterinary degree at Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduating in 2009, Dr. Schad relocated to southern Maryland to work in a small-animal practice, and then moved to northern Virginia to serve in a larger organization. She also worked in a foundation-supported low-cost clinic, where she helped the pet owners of the community at a reduced expense for the clientele.

After years of planning, Dr. Schad’s longtime dream of owning her own clinic took full form in 201410264678_670748642996939_7639184068330358676_n. She moved to Midland in April of that year, and began renovating the River Rock Animal Hospital facility. The doors were opened in late July, and Dr. Schad and her staff have been happily serving the pets and animal owners of the area ever since. Medically, Dr. Schad is particularly fond of challenging cases and intricate diagnostic work. Most of all, though, she loves imparting knowledge to her clients that will better the lives of their pets in the future.

In her time away from the hospital, Dr. Schad enjoys learning about other species of animals; she even had the opportunity to work with exotic creatures in South Africa during veterinary school. She’s also an artist and crafter, and likes making her own jewelry, organic soaps, and lip balms.

Dr. Schad and her other half, Mike, live in Midland with a pair of pit bulls, Arthur and Cornelius, as well as two cats named Siris and Fatoosh. They recently welcomed their first child, Lillian Ida Adams December 2016.DSC_5854