Kelsey Schultz

DSC_5882 (1)Kelsey’s mother used to work in a veterinary clinic, and Kelsey absolutely adored going along with her mom to visit the practice. She would even fake sickness occasionally so that she could come along and spend time with the animals! Ever since she was very young, Kelsey knew that she was destined for a career in the animal-care field.

Kelsey’s veterinary journey started when she became involved with the 4-H program; she quickly learned the responsibility of animal care by showing rabbits, dogs, and cats. Kelsey first became acquainted with River Rock Animal Hospital when she began coming to the hospital’s monthly vet chats, as well as other events the clinic put on. Dr. Schad couldn’t help noticing Kelsey’s passion for working with both people and animals, and decided to offer her a position! Kelsey has been a member of the hospital family since the fall of 2015.

In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys watching sports, going on road trips, camping, boating, and finding great deals in local stores. She has one dog, a Pembroke Corgi named Curly, who lives out in the country with her parents. Curly still has the energy of a puppy, and especially likes going on car rides.

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